INTELLIFRESH is all about confidence, intelligent freshness and long-lasting built-in odor protection making you look good, feel good and smell good.

INTELLIFRESH delivers a better, smarter clean for apparel, home textiles, and more. Only INTELLIFRESH works continuously, invisibly and dependably.

You can find INTELLIFRESH enhanced freshness protection in the products you use every day – from sheets, towels, pillows and floor coverings, to all types of dress, casual, and athletic apparel, socks, shoes, uniforms and even shoulder pads.

Look for the INTELLIFRESH logo in your favorite brands, found across the world with major retailers and the No. 3 Dow Chevrolet Team.

Learn more about the collaboration between Dow and FRUIT OF THE LOOM.

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INTELLIFRESH. Look Good. Feel Good. Smell Good


Ever Think Your Clothing Could Be Called 'Intelligent'?

Freshness Protection Built In