INTELLIFRESH is all about confidence, freshness and lasting protection. For years, shoppers have been looking for apparel and home textiles that have durable freshness properties. Why? Confidence of course! INTELLIFRESH is the world's most intelligent odor protection feature that ensures all day freshness and builds confidence that comes from looking good, feeling good and smelling good.

You can find INTELLIFRESH enhanced freshness protection in the products you use every day – from sheets, towels, pillows and floor coverings, to all types of dress, casual, and athletic apparel, socks, shoes, uniforms and even shoulder pads. You can find the INTELLIFRESH logo, and long lasting freshness, in your favorite brands.

This weekend at the fastest track in the NASCAR Cup Series, Talladega Superspeedway, INTELLIFRESH is partnering with Richard Childress Racing to spotlight the recent collaboration between FRUIT OF THE LOOM and Dow that applies breakthrough technology to consumer products.

The No. 3 Dow INTELLIFRESH Chevrolet will feature FRUIT OF THE LOOM's DUAL DEFENSE collection that will be enhanced with INTELLIFRESH durable and long-lasting freshness protection from Dow. INTELLIFRESH, powered by Dow SILVADUR antimicrobial technology, utilizes a patented, smart delivery system that enables long-lasting protection by minimizing the growth of odor-causing bacteria on fabric surfaces.

The FRUIT OF THE LOOM 100 percent cotton underwear collection with DUAL DEFENSE features will be available this summer, and includes crew, V-neck and A-shirt tops, and both brief and boxer brief bottoms.

Be sure to cheer on Austin Dillon and the entire No. 3 Dow INTELLIFRESH Team this weekend! Race More. Stay Fresh.

Learn more about the collaboration between Dow and FRUIT OF THE LOOM.

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