About INTELLIFRESH Intelligent Freshness

The Science of Nature.

Science of Nature

Textiles enhanced with INTELLIFRESH do so much more for you than just stay fresh. If your textiles are fresh, maybe that gym bag won’t get so scary or that musty smell won’t invade your linen closet. In fact, you might get an extra use out of that t-shirt before you have to wash it. And that saves water, detergent, and energy. Not to mention your time! INTELLIFRESH protects textiles against odor build up, so they not only stay fresh longer, they look and feel new longer too.

Freshness that works. Freshness that lasts. Freshness that is favorable to the environment. Freshness that makes fabrics last longer. Now that’s INTELLIFRESH Intelligent Freshness Performance.

Live More. Wash Less. Stay Fresh.