What kinds of products use INTELLIFRESH Intelligent Freshness Protection?

INTELLIFRESH is specially designed for textile products — apparel, footwear, intimates, linens, home textiles, uniforms, medical textiles, and other textile products where freshness counts. INTELLIFRESH works with all kinds of fabrics including natural and synthetic fibers, when used appropriately.

Will INTELLIFRESH protection last as long as the product?

Yes. INTELLIFRESH’s patented technology binds to the matrix of the fabric. It’s been tested extensively and will last for more than 50 washings or for the expected life of the fabric or product, when used appropriately.

Do I have to wash my INTELLIFRESH products any special way?

No. INTELLIFRESH is designed to stand up to real life. So wash as you normally would. The INTELLIFRESH long-lasting freshness technology stands up to heat, detergents, and bleach so the antimicrobial protection keeps on working, wash after wash, when used appropriately.

Is INTELLIFRESH safe for me and my family?

Yes. INTELLIFRESH has been tested extensively both by DOW scientists and independent third party experts. The patented technology used in INTELLIFRESH is a time-honored antimicrobial that is non-toxic to humans. INTELLIFRESH is built-into the fabric matrix where it activates only in the presence of unwanted odors. INTELLIFRESH won’t irritate your skin and won’t wash out or rub off, when used appropriately.

How about for the environment?

Textile products treated with INTELLIFRESH may not need to be washed as frequently so they last longer, which is good for you and the planet.

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