Apparel & Footwear

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It’s a natural. INTELLIFRESH teams up with apparel for the perfect combination. Athletic apparel, shoes, intimate apparel, socks, t-shirts, jeans, casual wear. You name it. Anywhere freshness is needed, INTELLIFRESH’s built-in freshness protection makes sure apparel and footwear stays fresh and pleasant smelling no matter how you use it. Finally, freshness protection that can stand up to real life.

INTELLIFRESH Socks and Shoes

Shoes and socks will stay fresh and pleasant smelling with INTELLIFRESH Intelligent Freshness because it protects against odors that can make your feet stinky . INTELLIFRESH works continuously and invisibly. When odor-causing bacteria come in contact with your shoes or socks, INTELLIFRESH neutralizes the bacteria on contact. No odor means happy feet. And INTELLIFRESH won’t rub off your shoes or wash out of your socks, even after more than 50 launderings.

INTELLIFRESH Performance Apparel

INTELLIFRESH keeps fabrics naturally fresh through more than 50 launderings so you stay fresher longer. Odors off. FRESH ON.